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ecoBrush/Automatic Paste-expelling Toothbrush

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ecoBrush/Automatic Paste-expelling Toothbrush


ecoBrush is not a tootbrush just combined a toothbrush and the toothpaste, but when brushing your tooth, the toothpaste to be stored in the handle is automatically discharged according to the movement of brushing and is spread evenly on your tooth. You can brush your tooth most effectively as the medical ingredients of the toothpaste directly act on your tooth and gum without any addition or subtraction, and can reduce damage due to misuse or abuse of toothpaste to the least.

Additionally, EcoBrushis a eco-friendly product as you can use it semi-permanently after you replace the bristles of the brush as the toothpaste is devised to be refillable after use and when you stop brushing, the paste is no longer discharged, automatically, with self-controllable ability of toothpaste-discharge during brushing


Long Diameter27mm
Charging Power Consumption 210 mm An Oval-shaped handl
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ecoBrush-Automatic Paste-expelling Toothbrush